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Supernatural SeriesHow would you describe a normal, average, natural day in your life? For most, natural means (not necessarily in this order):

Waking up tired (maybe hitting the snooze button several times), practicing good hygiene (hopefully), a little exercise, breakfast, getting the kids to school, racing to work (in a job you’re not too pumped about), pushing papers, shovels, products, whatever the job calls for…, lunch, appointments, conflict, fighting traffic to get home, extra-curricular activities, struggle, homework, dinner, lukewarm relationships, Facebook, email, a little tv to unwind, paying bills, falling in bed exhausted, maybe a little time for God through prayer and devotional.

Wow! That’s a pretty bleak look at average. But there’s something deep within us that cries out, “There must be MORE!”

Thankfully, there is! God didn’t create you to live a cookie cutter life! Jesus came to give you a better and greater life than you’ve dreamed of (John 10:10).

He wants to add His Super to your Natural so that you can stay above the fray (and pray). We don’t need to ever use the excuse, “Well, it’s only natural,” when God wants us to live in the Supernatural.

Over the next 5 weeks, we’re going to be hanging out in the stories of the miracles of Jesus to discover for ourselves how to live a Supernatural kind of life. I hope you won’t miss a single week of this exciting “Supernatural” series.