Switch Services, Supply Seats

December 8, 2010

What is the worth of a chair? Priceless. At least at The Connection Church. Because we only have so many to go around * and everybody needs one. Especially the many, many people who are starting to check us out every week.

With growth comes some growing pains, and one of those is balancing our 2 Sunday morning services at 9:30 & 11. This past Sunday, there were 40% more people in the second service than the first. So, while we were packed out at 11, there were plenty of seats open at 9:30.

So I’m asking those of you who call The Connection Church your home to make what we call a “missionary move” to the early service.  This will help balance the services and provide someone with a much-needed chair. It will also help us stave off our inevitable jump to 3 services for a while longer.

So for clarity, if you’ve been attending the 2nd service, would you please adjust your schedule to attend the 1st service? You can always stick around and serve during the second hour if you’d like. :)

When you get there early, the donuts and coffee are fresher. See you this Sunday morning at 9:30!

* By the way, I can’t wait for the day when we get our own chairs, and enough of them, to go along with our new location. And of course, those will come as we give toward our vision of seeing our county changed one life at a time!


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Founding and Lead Pastor of The Connection Church of Kyle/Buda, Texas.