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Creativity and Connection

January 12, 2011

Today, we’re kicking off a 90-Day Journey through the Bible with Genesis 1 & 2. If you want to join us, you can download the reading plan here.

Talk about Vision! God has a huge dream that we see as it starts to unfold in these 2 chapters. They are some of the most familiar in the Bible, and they are some of the most powerful. In these chapters, we discover 2 truths that are a vital part of who we are at The Connection Church.

Genesis 1: Our Creative God

The opening of Genesis gives us a picture of the creation of the universe and everything there is. God is the source of creativity. He’s the only One who creates Ex Nihilo, which means “out of nothing.” He just spoke it and it was there. Since then, we, who are made in His creative image, have a desire to create, but we do so by observing what God has made and using the materials that God supplies.

Which reminds me of the story about the scientist who figured out how to create life. He challenged God in a man-making contest and said, “Here, I’ve gathered up 2 piles of dirt, one for you and one for me.” God replied, “Sorry, you’ve got to create your own dirt.” :)

When we have a project, either at work or at home, we should do our very best to reflect the creativity God has implanted in us. What dream has God placed in your heart that you can begin to live out and offer to Him?

Genesis 2: Our Connected God

This passage also reminds us that God is relational and loving. He says, “Let Us make man in Our own image.” Is this some ancient typo? Not at all. It points towards the truth that God is Triune. He has revealed Himself as the Father, the Son, and the Spirit who relate perfectly to each other.

God continually says, “it is good.” But then when He made Adam, He said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” Healthy relationships matter to God. God doesn’t want us to be lonely. He didn’t create us to be isolated hermit ostriches but instead, we’re made to do life together.

What if we remembered that everyone we see today is a unique creation of God, made in His image? That way, even with their faults, we saw the good and the potential God has placed in them. How would that change the way we think and treat them?