The Heart of The Next BIG Thing

March 23, 2012

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch the video above where I just get to share my heart behind what we’re doing through “The Next BIG Thing.” Yes, we could just celebrate the incredible things God has done through The Connection Church to see atheists become missionaries. But we won’t slow down, let up, or back down from our mandate to lift up the name of Jesus and tell everyone we can about Him. And God has laid 4 specific next steps in front of us that we are excited about taking over the next year.

So listen in, pray up, and write down your commitment so you can fully be a part of this shared effort.

We have an awesome opportunity set before us to know God more intimately and see thousands of lives changed! And as we follow hard after God together, I know you’ll be better for it too.


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Founding and Lead Pastor of The Connection Church of Kyle/Buda, Texas.