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Deaf Orphans in Kenya

When we were building out our Buda campus, one of the faithful, hard workers was a young deaf guy named Javier Reyes, who served many Saturdays working with sheetrock and doing whatever he could to make our facilities a place where people would have the best opportunity to connect with Christ.

He is now a student with Deaf Missions at the International Bible Training Center to learn to minister to other deaf people. He is going this June to an orphanage in Kenya and in July to a deaf school in Uganda with Operation Deaf Orphans. This mission group reaches out to and helps neglected and abandoned deaf children.

It’s pretty amazing to know that we’ve got people who are going all over the world to fulfill the mission God has given us! As a church, we’re helping to fund his trip and praying for his effectiveness and safety. We’re looking forward to hearing a report of his success when he gets back at the end of the summer!

Boanerges Deaf Initiative in Uganda

Can you do that at church? That question gets asked sometimes at The Connection Church where we love to be creative and try new ways to connect God’s timeless truth with our ever-changing culture. I’m excited about a new feature that’s coming soon to our lobby. We’re calling it a Connection Kiosk. It will be a place where people can take next steps while they’re with here with us. The kiosk is a streamlined, electronic way to get connected.

There are 3 key steps you can take at the kiosk. Today, fewer people are carrying around cash or even checks. While everywhere you go, you can use a debit card, the church is the last place that seems to understand that this is how people operate. I know for me, I usually have very little cash on hand and I never carry a check book (it’s in a drawer somewhere at home with the Muppets printed on them). So now, people will be able to give their tithes and offerings through the kiosk, in addition to the typical ways they’ve been able to give. You can also find out more info on Connection Groups and ministry teams and sign up for them instantly. There will even be an opportunity to register for events and even pay for them if there is a fee associated with an event.

So be on the lookout for this innovative addition this summer and check it out for yourself.