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For followers of Jesus, Easter Weekend is the biggest time of the year because that’s when we remember and celebrate Jesus’ victory over death! This year, Easter Weekend is April 4th – 5th. We’ll be offering 5 services with 2 on Saturday night at 5:30 and 7, and 3 on Sunday morning at 9, 10:30 and Noon. To make the most of this important opportunity, we need to be prepared. Here are 4 things you can do to get ready.


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We want to spread the word about our Easter Services all over Hays and Travis Counties. Just click here to print off this page and place it on your card dashboard when you attend a weekend service in March and our talented windshield writers will put on your back windshield so everyone will know where to go on Easter Weekend.


Our service strategy is very simple: Attend a service and serve a service. If you’re not already on a ministry team, you can go here to let us know you want to serve on Easter Weekend: Volunteer. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get in touch with you soon. Everyone who steps up to serve on a ministry team will get a free I Heart My Church t-shirt to wear proudly.


Chosen People Ministries will be with us to lead us through a unique Passover Experience to show the connection between the ancient Jewish Passover celebration and the Lord’s Supper. I’m excited about us diving in to the true meaning of the Last Supper on Palm Sunday, March 29, at 6:00pm. Space is extremely limited for this event, so be sure to reserve your tickets on our website now.


We’ll be receiving a special Easter Offering to help fund 2 specific opportunities: meeting needs in the Hays County community and furthering our mission in Guatemala. Be praying about what God would have you give over and above your regular tithe to invest in our shared mission. If you want to give online, you can do that here.

As we get ready together, we’ll grow like never before and make a huge impact on others this Easter.

Not long ago, a woman shared with me how heartbreaking it is that her husband wouldn’t attend church with her. While it’s true that there are some men trying to encourage their wives to get involved, far more often, it’s the husbands who refuse to participate.

Have you noticed that there are generally more women than men involved in today’s churches? While we understand that men and women are both important, this growing trend is unhealthy, destructive, and counterproductive. In David Murrow’s insightful book, Why Men Hate Going to Church, he explores the many reasons why the modern church system is perfectly designed to produce exactly the results that we’re getting. This book isn’t about what men should do, but about what they actually do.

If you ask a typical guy why he’s not going to church, he’ll tell you: it’s boring, irrelevant, and full of hypocrites. Regardless of how much we would push back on these statements, perception is reality. Men are wired differently than women. Generally, while women want deeper relationships, security, and sharing; men crave challenge, adventure, and risk. That’s just the kind of life that Jesus called his disciples to. Men are looking for real action, not just words.

Today’s church can and should speak to both of these sets of values. Churches are the perfect place to challenge people to step out in faith to live great lives of risk and action. Murrow not only gives the basis for how to connect with men in greater numbers, but offers a lot of practical ideas on ways to make it happen. It doesn’t take a major overhaul in most cases, just an awareness of why we’re doing what we’re doing.

One example of this is the crisis of father today in our culture. The absence of men in families is an opportunity for the church to step up and grow strong, godly men who will mentor others. Some men are ready for the challenge of stepping into that role and can develop through experiential discipleship and leadership training. Along the way, every man needs a “band of brothers” who are accomplishing something great together.

Why Men Hate Going to Church is full of remarkable information that every pastor and leader should digest and put into practice. As we intentionally engage men in our churches, they will be stronger and so will the church. I’m looking forward to discussing this book with a group of men soon using the free discussion guide found here.

In light of this book, I’m so proud of the many men at The Connection Church who are making a difference through their leadership. Men like Trey, Rod, Terry, Dario, Raul, and Douglas lead out in KonnectionKids. Men like Bobby, Rene, Matt, Rico, Josh, Robby, Walter and Mike are leading in Fuze Student Ministries. Men like these are preparing the way for the next generation. Our Men of Steel are a living example of servant leaders in our church and the community around us. It’s clear that men can and will engage when they are challenged to step up and pursue lives of purpose!

This book was provided to me by BookLook Bloggers, but my opinion is based on my own readings and thoughts.

easter-web-bannerThe Big MO is growing as we gear up for the BIGGEST weekend of the year at The Connection Church! Here’s what we know:

  • More people will be with us than ever before in our history!
  • More people will commit their life to Jesus than any other weekend this year!
  • 100s of people will have the best day of their lives because it will be the day their eternity is changed!

I know that God wants to impact many lives through us on Easter Weekend. Here’s how we plan to do just that:

On Easter Weekend, we’ll be offering 4 Celebration Service times:

  • Saturday, April 19th at 5:30pm
  • Sunday, April 20th at 9am, 10:30am & Noon

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to help us spread the word and INVITE, INVITE, INVITE. This Sunday, we’re cleaning rear windshields and shoe-polishing them with our Easter website. Click here to print out your form to bring with you this week. You can also promote on social media through your posts. And, of course, a personal invitation can’t be beat. Who do you know that you will bring with you?

We have a website called where you can reserve your FREE tickets. The reasons we’re doing tickets are:

  • Create anticipation for the BIG day
  • Help people plan ahead for which service they will be attending
  • Keep the attendance distributed as evenly as possible

If you’re a regular attender, you can help out in a BIG way by NOT attending at the 10:30 service. Just this past Sunday, we were full in that service time to over the comfortable capacity, so we’re expecting Easter to fill up at 10:30 with our guests. You can, of course, help out by serving during the 10:30 time. We call it making a missionary move and attending one of the 3 other available times.

You can also help us create an environment that gives people the best possible opportunity to connect with Christ by serving in 1 or 2 other service times. If you’re not already serving on a team, click here to let us know you want to step up to the plate.

We will be giving all of our volunteers a FREE t-shirt to wear on Easter Weekend that you can pick up on Sunday, April 13th.

Finally, we want to work like it all depends on us and PRAY like it all depends on God. So be sure to be taking time every day to pray for Easter Weekend at The Connection Church!

This week’s rewind is simple. In fact, it’s only 5 words: Lifechange, lifechange, lifechange, lifechange, lifechange!

Okay, so I’ll say a little more than that, but it definitely won’t get better than the fact that Melissa Torres-Whitmer, Brayden Garcia, Michelle Cavanaugh, Lisa Martinez, and Sarah Tamayo took the plunge on Sunday to go public with their faith in Jesus through baptism! Celebrating the power of Jesus to restore, redeem and renew, reminds us why we do what we do!

This week I got to talk about God’s way to reignite the flame of romance in marriages that have started to burn out. If you want to listen or watch, you can click here.


We’re very pumped about this week’s Most Valuable Player! Dee brings joy and excitement with her everywhere she goes! But on top of that, she also brings tons of students with her! Yes, it seems like you’ll always find a crowd of students with Dee because she’s a BRINGER! Sometimes bringing between 15 and 20 students with her to Fuze and our Celebration Services. She has a genuine passion and heart to reach young people for Christ.

But that’s not the only way she’s making a difference. Dee also is a member of our Cafe team. She’s even the one who makes sure the cafe is well stocked for Sunday morning by taking care of the shopping responsibilities each week.

Even though she prefers to keep her service behind the scenes, we want people to know about her great example of service and outreach for others to follow. Dee Niedzielski, you are this week’s Most Valuable Player! Thank you for all you do!