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We Got Decked

July 28, 2009

Last week, my family went on a much needed vacation to Florida. We consider this our second family vacation, our last one being back in 2005, and it was a blast. I can’t wait to let you in on all that we experienced.

While we were gone, we asked the West’s to check on our water and if it was not too much trouble to consider pulling our trash to the curb and putting it up. I thought that would be a big request :)

But the big news is what happened back home and what we found when we got back. Joe Barnes picked us up from the airport and when we got home, Pam noticed someone had done a little work in our flower bed up front. She was shocked to think someone would pull weeds for us. Then we noticed our backdoor windows were covered with wrapping paper and a sign that said, “To the Phillips Family with Love.” Standing on our back porch were several of our friends on a BRAND NEW PERGOLA AND DECK!!!

Needless to say, we are floored by our new deck (cheesy pun intended). It is something we’ve always wanted so we could actually use our backyard. But this one far exceeds what we could have ever done on our own. And to think that people gave their own money and sweated it on in the sweltering heat for hours. We will never forget this selfless demonstration of love!

Though I’m not even sure who all contributed to this project. It was kept top secret so some people might have wanted to get involved who didn’t just because it was so hush-hush. But I want to thank everyone who decked us from the bottom of our hearts. I’m planning on having a deck party as soon as we can and you’re all invited!

Decking the Phillips from Cole Phillips on Vimeo.

S’more Camping Pics

March 25, 2009

Okay, really, these are the first camping pics I’ve posted, but the title worked. We camped for three nights at McKinney Falls State Park in Austin during Spring Break with some good friends. Because we were so close to home, we had several other friends come out and hang with us too. The weather was completely perfect and it was our first rainless family camping trip.

I wanted to make sure we had plenty of power on hand, so I reserved us a site with 50 amps, while the other two fams we were with did the right thing and got 30 amp sites. Because the park was full last week, they told us we couldn’t switch sites to something close to were the others were camping. We practically had our whole site set up when the park ranger came by and told us they would let us move. So we totally broke down everything and moved it to another area and reset it all. But we had a perfect spot.

I finally got to hang up my hammock that I bought in Brazil back in 2002 and spent a few restful moments chilling out on it.

There was a burn ban in effect when we arrived and we were told the soonest it would be lifted would be on Wednesday, which was a bummer because s’mores are an essential part of the camping experience. On Tuesday afternoon, the burn ban was lifted. That gave us two nights of campfires.

There are a couple of hiking trails that were beautifully scenic and they had a few hidden treasures (geocaches) along the way.

Overall, it was the absolute perfect camping experience. It was very needed and we made some awesome memories together.

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