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We’re giving a huge shout-out to this week’s phenomenal Connection Church team members, Jayson & Andrea Castro. Both of them serve every week as part of our Konnection Kidz team. You’ll find Jayson at the Check-In Desk helping us create the safest environment for our kids. Andrea leads Club 56, making it the place to be for our 5th and 6th graders, during the 10:30 service.

On top of that, Andrea leads at Fuze on Wednesdays with a group of teenage girls and they both are part of our Student Event Team, helping with weekends like Elevate, which is coming up on November 7-9th.

Thanks Jayson and Andrea for partnering with us to change lives! We’re so glad that you’re on the team! You are this week’s Most Valuable Players!!!


What does it take to be one of our Most Valuable Players? It takes a heart for God and hands dedicated to serving others! Chris and Shy Macier have both of those qualities! They consistently rise to the top to shine as servants on our Ministry Teams.

Chris, who formerly served our country in the military, now serves our community by welcoming people onto our campus as part of the Street Team. He is also one of our resident Mr. Fix-Its and all around handy man we can always count on to get-er-done!

Shy serves on our Konnection Kidz Preschool team with our infants, where she is known as the Baby Whisperer, always able to soothe our little ones. She is also part of the Office Admin Team on Thursdays, helping to prep for our Weekend Experiences.

Thanks to both Chris and Shy for their commitment to the cause of Jesus! You are this week’s Most Valuable Players!

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Connection MVP: Phil Tivis

September 29, 2014

The secret sauce of The Connection Church is in the incredible people who faithfully lead out in ministry each week! One of those valued leaders is this week’s Most Valuable Player, Phil Tivis. Phil is part of our Frontline Team where he ushes (that’s what ushers do), helping people get the most out of our worship experiences. Phil always stands ready to make an impact any way he can! Because of his can-do attitude and heart for people, lives are being changed!

Phil, I’m so proud of you and what God is doing through you! Thanks for being a difference maker! You are this week’s MVP!


Connection MVP: Adrienne Hall

September 23, 2014

Adrienne Hall is a one of KonnectionKid rockstars! She brings love, dedication, and style to the 4 year old room every week. There, she creates a caring environment that goes far beyond babysitting. She teaches our little ones about God and how much He loves them. But her excellence doesn’t stop there. Adrienne also leads our Worship Center Prep Team that gets everything set for our Celebration Services.

Thanks Adrienne for pouring into the mission of The Connection Church! It’s an honor to partner with you. You are this week’s Most Valuable Player!adrienne

This week’s Most Valuable Players are the Dynamic Duo Richard and Gracie Rodriquez! They are a constant source of superb service in several key areas at The Connection Church. Richard plays a vital role with our Wired Warriors as a worship projection operator both in the media booth and backstage. Gracie offers her giftedness with our Administrative Team and the GirlTime Sisterhood.

Thanks Richard and Gracie for your partnership in the mission! We’re so thankful for you both!