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Last night, we celebrated with 1000s of neighbors at Trunk or Treat 2013! What an amazing time we had with perfect weather, more trunks than ever before, tons of candy, the Connection Church band rockin’ out some outstanding live music and more! We’re so appreciative that Cabela’s allows us to set-up on their parking lot! Chick-fil-a was there too with their tasty chicken sandwiches. Awesome Jumps brought out 5 inflatable bounce houses and games. The Tejas Miatas Auto Club joined us with their cars, games and candy. We also had some great door prizes from local businesses.

The fact is, it takes so many people working together to make an event of this magnitude and excellence happen. Thanks to Trey and Jennifer Williams for bringing their expertise and leadership to the front to deliver a safe community event that also happens to be a BLAST! I also want to thank our staff team and each volunteer who served in order to show God’s love to our community! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

The idea behind what we do is very simple. It is simply a way for us to get out into the community and make the connection with people. Because we’ve been doing this for so many years, I already know that we’re going to see tons of great results in the coming weeks from the seeds that were planted last night!

Check out the incredible pics provided by Nathan Latsha Photography to see the great looking costumes. I loved his cool photo backdrop! You can see them all on our flickr site:

Do you notice the signs that you see all around you? I read that we see up to 5000 signs every day. That’s a lot of messages that are trying to get through.

But one of the most important signs you will see is the sign of baptism. Baptism is an outward sign of an inward changed life. It happens when someone says, “I’m choosing to trust Jesus with my life, both today and forever.”

I LOVE baptism because it takes guts to stand up, get in that water in front of hundreds of people and go public with your faith. And I love that we see so many people taking that step at The Connection Church!!! It never gets old!

This weekend, we went out to Rio Vista Falls at the San Marcos River and celebrated 17 people who took the plunge! You should see the looks on people’s faces as they float by in their tubes! It’s also amazing to see our people lined up across the bridge to watch!

Thanks to everyone who serves & gives at The Connection Church for playing a part in every changed life! Thanks to Mark Torres and Dave Douglas for grilling up the burgers & hot dogs! The pictures below tell the story much better than I can, thanks to Charity Estrada for the great shots!

A Year in Pictures

December 20, 2011

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Go to your tap and turn on your faucet. The most amazing thing happens. Water streams forth. It’s a convenience we take for granted. But still today, almost a billion people on our planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. Stop. Reread that sentence. It should give us pause to know that we are so blessed.I wonder why God has chosen to shed His grace on us in such a huge way. Could it be that we are blessed to be a blessing?

Last year, you built a water well in Peru through your Christmas Offering. Check out what Shannon from Living Water International had to say about what God did through you:

“Your water project is complete in Peru! Praise God! You have served an entire community of 140 with clean, safe water in Jesus’ name. It is unbelievable to look at the previous water source – from the polluted river. These people were in desperate need! Thank you for your partnership in serving the thirsty.”

This was so successful that we are led to do it again this year for another village. When we give the gift of water, we’re giving life, health, and a tangible expression of God’s love as well as offering them eternal life through Jesus Christ!

Other receipts from this year’s Presence offering will be invested in positioning The Connection Church to continue shining out the light to Central Texas in 2012.

Will you join me in praying to ask God what He would have you give “over and above” this year? We can’t all give the same amount, but we can all do something. In my family, we give our most expensive Christmas gift to the birthday boy, Jesus, through His church. If you choose to give online, you can click right here. Or, you can bring it to The Connection Church this month.

I thank God for using us to save lives through The Connection Church. I can’t wait to see what God will do as we give back to Him because of all He’s given to us this year!

The River Where Mercy Flows

August 19, 2010

On Sunday afternoon, August 8th, we went down to 5 Mile Dam for Baptism Celebration. I got to baptize 6 people, Nic baptized 4, our deaf pastor Tim baptized 3, Javi baptized his nephew and Rico baptized his daughter! What a blast it was to be a part of those 15 people’s “Going Public” party! Every one of them has been changed by the power of God at work in their lives! We also met some people at the river who came to church the following Sunday to get connected to what God is doing through The Connection Church. As many people as we’ve got to lead to Christ along the way, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of the BIG things that God has in store for South Central Texas in the coming days! Keep up the great work Connectors! Let’s do this!!!