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crissymoranThis Sunday, February 23rd, Crissy Moran will be with us at our Celebration Services at 9am, 10:30am & Noon as part of our Victorious Secrets message series. She’ll share her powerful story of redemption in an interview with me and Pam.

I first heard Crissy’s story in a podcast several years ago, not too long after she left the adult film industry and I was deeply moved by her courage and the way God has miraculously changed her life by bringing her out of the darkness of pornography. Since then, she has been featured on ABC’s Nightline, Christianity Today, and spoken at churches and colleges around the country about her journey to freedom.

Obviously, this isn’t going to be a typical Sunday at your average church, but we’ve never been about going through the motions. We’re all about God’s power and grace that changes lives. I believe that Crissy’s story will resonate with everyone who has felt confused, broken, alone and abandoned. She reminds us that there is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still!

On Sunday, we will not be crude, but we will be direct as we deal honestly with the issue of pornography. We highly encourage parents to have their kids in our awesome KonnectionKidz ministries through 6th grade. We also believe that students 7th grade and up should be in the Celebration Services to hear God’s truth about these issues. The fact is, they’re getting twisted view of this information from the media and their friends at school. We want to raise up a generation who knows and follows God’s standards for their sexuality.

I know there are some people who are concerned that addressing this issue head on in this way is risky because of so many men (and women) who struggle with porn. However, we are not going to stand by and do nothing while we watch lives, marriages, and families fall apart. The church has been silent on this issue for too long, and we’re going to be proactive and allow God to bring hope and healing in the context of our church family.

It’s important to know that Crissy Moran only has one official website:

Her official Twitter account is @iamcrissy and her Facebook page is:

Because of the contracts that she signed years ago, her images and movies are still out there by those who have taken advantage of her. Crissy isn’t connected with any of those and has received no money for those since she left the porn industry. It’s a sad reminder that whatever you post on the internet is there to stay. So, please DO NOT do random searches for Crissy.

Please pray that God uses her in a powerful way as she shares openly and honestly with us about how her life has been changed! This is a great week to invite your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to be with us! I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Hey! God has great plans for your future! Not only for you, but those who follow after you. But too often, we settle for less than God’s best and miss the exceptional life that God has in store for us.

Acts 13:36 says, “After David had done the will of God in his own generation, he died…” That power packed verse reminds us that God has a specific plan for your life and that He has put in this place with certain people at this time to make it happen. I want that to be true of my life too, that I finish God’s plan for me before my life is over.

In this new series, Don’t Duck Your Destiny, we’re going to look at King David’s life to discover God’s great plan and learn how to develop our destiny to experience God’s dream for our lives.

Yes, we’re using the theme of “Duck Dynasty” to make this one a lot of fun. August 4th, we’re kicking it off with Camo Day where you can come in your favorite camo gear. Plus, it’s a fact, Jack, that we’ll be serving Uncle Si’s favorites (FREE sweet tea and donuts) in the Connection Cafe. So bring a friend with you to The Connection Church at 9am, 10:30am, or Noon. We’ll leave the light on for ya!

Seen any good movies lately? I’ve seen a few. But my favorite movies are the ones where the story connects with something real in my experience or resonates with a deeper truth. Filmmakers are our modern day storytellers and when they do a good job, they point us to something greater than ourselves. Believe it or not, you can find some parallels with God’s truth even in some of the movies you see in the theater. Why is that? Because, if it’s really true, then it can only have one source: God.

This week, we’re kicking off God on Film where we use the themes of some of the summer’s biggest blockbuster movies to dive into God’s Word and discover what He says. We do this because we’ve found we can grow spiritually through the summer by searching for God through His Word. In fact, in Jeremiah 29:13, God says, “If you look for Me wholeheartedly, you will find Me.” And the more you seek after God, the more you will find Him.

So I want to invite you to join us for our most fun series of the year. Yes, we’ll have popcorn and sodas, first time guests will be getting a free movie ticket, and there’s more surprises in store. But most of all, I want you to be here because you can either glide through the summer or grow in your walk with God. I want to see you grow because that’s what God wants for you. This is also a great time to bring someone along with you. There’s nothing like helping someone else connect with Christ!

Muscle MenOnce again, the Man of Steel is coming to the theaters this summer. In fact, we’re going to be talking about that movie during our upcoming God on Film series. But just how similar are Supes and the Men of Steel at The Connection Church?

They both listen to their Father’s voice. Superman regularly goes to his Fortress of Solitude where his Kryptonian dad gives him direction for his life. As Men of Steel, we regularly spend time alone with God and listen to His voice for guidance.

They both have supernatural strength. Superman is “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.” All powers given to him by the sun. Our Men of Steel’s true power and strength comes from the Son of God who gives us “the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe Him.” (Eph. 1:19)

They both desire to live an excellent lifestyle. Superman has traditionally been pictures as someone who sees the best in people and lives an upright life. We also want to strive for excellence in everything we do, offering grace and being an example for others to follow.

They both have a great life mission. Superman has a defined purpose of protecting and saving the Earth. That’s the mission of Men of Steel: to be salt and light in our world and lead others to know God through a personal relationship with Jesus.

The Men of STEEL are meeting this Saturday morning, June 15, at 9am to eat some good grub, sharpen each other, grow closer to God, and do other manly things. All men are invited to join us.

Stupid Separations

February 14, 2013

“Or! What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!” The Coke Zero commercial nails it! Why do people think “or” when we should be thinking “and“? If you’re not careful, people will try to back you into a corner, making you choose between two alternatives, when both options are true. Of course, the result is that you end up with only half of something that’s meant to be an incredible whole.

Paul dealt with this very issue in Galatians 3:28 where he wrote, “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Why choose between one or the other, when God says yes to both?

One example that really hits home for me is Quality or Quantity. Some people think when it comes to a church, you have to choose one or the other. They ask, “Do you want a lot of people to be a part of your church, or do you want to have just a few, but those few are spiritually mature?” That’s a Stupid Separation! Why not both? Those aren’t mutually exclusive.

Do you want the church to be Deep or Wide? Why not both?

At The Connection Church, we want to see as many people come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord and we want them to grow to become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Another Stupid Separation is between Attractional or Missional. This is a question of whether or not we invite people into the church to tell them about Jesus or send people out into the world to tell them about Jesus.

I say, “Why not both?” In the Gospels, you hear both of these statements: “Come and see.” AND “Go and tell.” So at The Connection Church, we do both. We bring ’em in and send ’em out.

We have zero tolerance for divisiveness. Why make a Stupid Separation when God says it’s both? I’m done with “or.” Say it again!