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What the Tech?

September 5, 2014 — 13 Comments

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. Our smart phones, tablets and laptops connect us like never before, but we’re also connected to them in ways that aren’t very healthy. Their constant presence becomes a drain, not just on battery life, but on our lives too. The way we present ourselves on social media is a reflection of our hearts. Through technology, we can make our voice heard and even share our faith, but sometimes, without realizing it, we have allowed our technology to have too much of a hold on us. In this new series called What the Tech?, we’ll discover how to bring out the good in technology and minimize the bad by setting guardrails in place.

I want to personally invite you to be my guest at one of our Celebration services this week as we kick-off this timely series. This is a perfect week to bring a friend along with you. It’s all happening this Sunday morning at 9, 10:30, and Noon. I can’t wait to see you there!

Life is a series of LINKS, some positive, and some not-so-positive. In many ways, these links define us. In this new message series, you’ll discover the 3 most important links you can make in your life and how to secure those links for life!

What are the LINKS? They’re the reason we exist as a church.

We exist to link with God. This is our most important link. On Sunday, August 17th, we’ll talk about 4 ways that you can strengthen your connection with God.

We also need to link with people who will walk on the journey with us. You’ll find out how to best make that happen on August 24th.

On August 31st, we’ll get prepared to live out our mission of connecting people with God through a personal relationship with Jesus. That’s what it’s all about, and that’s what drives us as a church.

So be with us over the next 3 weeks for LINKED at 9am, 10:30am or Noon every Sunday. Bring a friend, and I’ll see you there!

Linked Message Series Intro from The Connection Church on Vimeo.

Most weekends are full, but this one is gonna be packed out with greatness. It’s kicking off today with Children’s Camp out at Highland Lakes where our KonnectionKidz are going to have a blast and grow by leaps and bounds. Then on Saturday afternoon, our Fuze Students are going to be having some fun with Sofa Wars where the girls (PINK) and the boys (BLUE) are facing off with a Photo Scavenger Hunt with every picture featuring their couch in a specific place around the community.


Then, on Sunday morning, we’ll kick-off our newest series, Clash of Symbols, all about the two most important symbols and practices of Christ-followers: baptism and communion. Over the next 2 weeks, we’ll get to experience both of these ordinances.


Following Sunday’s message on Baptism, you’ll get to either take the next step of baptism out at the river for yourself or celebrate with other people who are taking that step. Burgers & Baptism Party is happening at 4pm at Twin Oaks Ranch just down the road in Buda THIS SUNDAY, August 3rd. We’ll provide the burgers and dogs, so be sure to bring your side dishes, drinks, lawn chairs and your swimming gear! We’ll have so many people going public with their faith this weekend, I know it will be a weekend to remember! To sign up for Baptism or for more info, click here.


At The Connection Church, we want to be known for what we give to others, not what we get. A very practical way for us to show God’s love to our community is by bringing school supplies over the next 2 Sundays so every child in Hays CISD will have what they need to successfully start the new school year. Click here for the complete list of supplies to bring.

Every year, we look forward to the BIG blockbuster summer movies! That’s because there’s something about the power of a story that inspires us to be more than we are. This time out, there’s action, adventure, drama, comedy, and animation. At The Connection Church, we always have a lot of fun by leveraging the movies people are already watching and looking behind them to find out what God would say about these themes. We’ve actually discovered that not only does our church grow throughout the summer months, but that people grow in their faith through this series too. No, we’re not actually teaching the movies, we’re teaching God’s Word and how you can get to know Him better and live the life He in store has for you. We also have a free snack bar where you can get fresh popcorn and sodas so you’re fully alert and ready to hear a life-impacting message, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

I want to personally invite you to be our guest for this exciting new message series as we look behind the movies to discover timeless truths about how to have a better life, stronger relationships, and get to know God in a deeper way.

Sundays June 22nd – July 27th at 9:00am, 10:30am & Noon


June 22 – How to Train Your Dragon – How to Be a Difference Maker

June 29 – Blended – Life in the Blended Family

July 6 – Transformers: Age of Extinction – Experiencing Real Change

July 13 – X-Men: Days of Future Past – Leaving My Past in the Past

July 20 – Hercules – Choosing Right When I’ve Been Wronged

July 27 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Dealing with Difficult People

God on Film ’14 Trailer from The Connection Church on Vimeo.

It’s Time to Man Up

May 29, 2014

When you think about what a real man is, many images come to mind. Things like muscles, money, and motors. These are all common conceptions of manhood. But the question still remains, “what does it mean to be a real man?” In our new 3-week summer series called MAN UP that kicks off this Sunday, we’re going to be looking at what God has to say about manhood and how it makes a difference for both men and women.

We’ll discover that every man needs an adventure to live, a family to protect, and a battle to fight. This is going to change the pursuits of men who will start to live out God’s plan for them to reflect His image, and it will also open the hearts and eyes of women to see what drives men and understand how God has wired each one of us for something more!

This is going to be a great series to invite your family and friends to The Connection Church. I can’t wait to go on this journey with you and hope that you’ll be with us, because it’s time to MAN UP!