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What is a Staff Advance?

August 12, 2015

The last half of this week, The Connection Church staff will be going to Lake Buchanan for our annual ADVANCE. That’s right, we don’t retreat, we’re moving forward. This is an important time for our team to REMEMBER why we do what we do, REFRESH spiritually, RENEW relationships, and RECREATE with some fun together.

We like to set aside some focused time to get out of our usual surroundings so that we can get a fresh perspective on what God has called us to do. This will be our second year to head out to Lake Buchanan, outside of Llano and Kingsland, Texas. We’re even going to get to have some water fun with a jet ski!

We’ll do some team-building, praying, planning, and lots of eating. I like to include time for our team to get alone with God, meet together with others in ministry areas, and we’ll do a lot of BIG PICTURE strategizing with the whole team. We like to set BIG God-sized goals for the coming year and see how God works to far exceed our wildest dreams.

Our scripture for this year’s ADVANCE is Psalm 18:29, “With Your help, I can advance against a troop; with my God, I can scale a wall.” There are some walls that need to be scaled and some troops we need to advance against. And we know, with God’s help, as we all stand together, nothing will stop us!

We’ve been doing this each year since the time there were only 3 of us on staff, and it blows me away how far we’ve come. Still, we know, the best is ahead of us! Please pray for our team and the time that we spend this week that God will use it to propel us ahead.

IMG_0870I’m so pumped to have Javier & Juanita Castillo and their 3 kids on our team. You see, Javier has been a pastor for many years. He has a heart for reaching people far from God. When he was leading Kyle Community Church, he found all kinds of ways to actively engage them in serving the community. And I’m honored that several months ago, they chose to follow God’s leading to join us at TCC.

On Sunday, Javi was one of the first people at Hemphill. Instead of striving for position, he said, “I may not get to preach every week, but if you’ll let me be responsible for setting up the chairs, I’ll be the best Minister of Chairs you’ve ever seen.” WOW!

They have stepped up to lead a Connection Group, and on Sunday they filled the group in one day just by meeting people and inviting them to their group.

And then, I was totally humbled after everyone was gone to see Javi & Juanita in the broom closet mopping up water that had leaked all over the place (the water was there when we got there in the morning, and not even our mess).

Their enthusiasm, support, and encouragement are off the charts. So Castillo’s, you are our Jesus Freaks of the Week!

Less Me, More We

October 22, 2009

Many times, people ask about the secret behind what God has done at The Connection Church. Without a doubt and without a pause, I can say it’s because of the incredible people that God has sent who have stepped up and made the commitment to be a part of the TCC team. A great team is the key to fulfilling the dream. And we’ve got the best. Honestly, I would put them up against any team, anywhere.

I’m so thankful for the TCC team because they make me better than I could ever be on my own. That’s no big secret to those who know me :) But because I have so many gifted people who are serving beside me who own the vision of TCC, we are seeing lives changed all the time. I could never do it all on my own.

As we have found the right people serving in their sweet spots, I have been able to focus in on the things that I do best. At least, I’m trying to focus in on what I do best :)

Plus, it’s a whole lot more fun. Our team really loves to be together, hanging out, doing life. I can imagine that ministry would be pretty miserable if I didn’t love to be with our team.

I don’t say it often enough or well enough, but I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I love and appreciate the TCC staff team!

How long has it been since you told your staff how much they mean to you? Connectors, you can show your thanks this week by bringing a note and dropping it at the table we have set up in the lobby so that our team knows how you feel. If you think it (and it’s good) why not say it, better yet, put it writing. It will mean so much.

Write White

June 18, 2009

HeBuddiesThis Sunday is going to be Zak’s last official Sunday with us at TCC before he moves to start a brand new revolutionary church in Shertz, just north of San Antone. We’re going to spend some time praying for him and his family at the close of the Celebration on Sunday. We’ll also have a table set up in the lobby for you to bring them a note of thanks and encouragement. I want to personally challenge you to try and put into words your thoughts and feelings. Maybe include a story of a time they personally impacted you or served you. I can’t tell how much that has meant to me in the past when I have seen that people have noticed those little unexpected moments or when their life was touched through my ministry.

Zak will continue to serve with TCC through the end of June. And after that, I’m sure you’ll see him around. We plan to continue to partner together to make sure that it’s hard to get to Hell between Austin and San Antonio!

God has given us a “Something So Big” vision that can only happen if He shows up and works in BIG ways on our behalf. Part of that vision is to reach our region on the growing I-35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio. We are also a church planting church with a passion for starting new effective churches that will passionately reach the unchurched for Christ. And God is already working to fulfill this vision in some very specific ways. Let me tell you about one big way God is working.

About six months after The Connection Church started weekly services, we took a big step of faith to bring on a second full time staff member. Zak White came on board as our Pastor of Spiritual Development. From the moment he started with us, he has brought a lot to the table with his fresh creativity, unstoppable work ethic, and a heart of those who need Jesus.

I’ve seen Zak grow in so many ways right along with us in his leadership. He and Amber have been incredible partners in ministry with me and Pam. We’ve developed a relationship and partnership that I believe will last a lifetime.

God is now clearly leading him to a next step in his life. We’ve been working through this step and planning for many months now and this past Sunday, Zak shared that he and his family will be moving to start a brand new church in Schertz, Tx, just north of San Antonio. As someone who’s been in his shoes, I know the mixed emotions he is feeling, but also the determination to be in the center of God’s plan.

One of the greatest things a church can do is to raise up leaders and send them out to start new churches. I believe in Zak and his leadership and his call. And now, we’re going to be able to bookend this area between Austin and San Antonio and work our way inward. So Zak will be with us officially for another month, and then we’ll be helping him get started through prayer support, financial support, and sending people down to help with neighborhood surveys and community events.

Please be sure to let Zak, Amber and Couper know how much you love them and appreciate all that they’ve done to pour into each of our lives over the last few years.