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Christmas Time’s A-Comin’

November 30, 2010

Some big things are coming, and I’m not just talking about a rotund man in a red suit.

God is at work through us. On Thanksgiving weekend, a Sunday that’s usually one of the lowest attended Sunday’s of the year, we actually were up by 50 people from the previous week! And still, we saw so many new faces!


This week, we’re kicking off a new series called When Love Comes To Town. Yes, it’s a great U2 song (and our band will be serving up some nice music by one of the greatest bands in history), but it’s really about when God’s Love entered the world in the most humble way to an obscure village and the change that He brought to the world. This is going to be a great week to invite your family and friends to experience a better Christmas than ever before.


We want to bring God’s Love to our world in some very specific ways, including what’s become a Hays County tradition: Connection Christmas services, happening on 2 nights this year! Just like our other BIG events, it’s going to take us stepping up as a church to serve at one of the services (and attending a different service). We’ve heard so many times that people are more open to the Gospel at Christmas than at any other time of the year. Let’s leverage that for God’s Kingdom by pulling out all the stops for these services! You can get your FREE tickets here. The tickets each represent a seat, so get all that you need and only what you’re going to use. Children Pre-K and under don’t need a ticket for FREE childcare.


Also, we won’t be having services on December 26th, the Sunday after Christmas, as a way to say “Thanks!” to our staff and volunteers for working so hard the week before Christmas and all through the year so they can travel, unplug, and be with their families. Not to mention, it will give us a running start for the incredible year that is in front of us.


This week, we’re also kicking off our annual Presence Offering. I’m really pumped about giving to provide a well with safe, clean water for a town full of people. Literally, we’ll be saving lives this year. The rest of the offering will go to further the work we’re doing here locally through TCC. The Birthday Boy deserves our best gift because He is the best Gift ever given! You can give right here or bring your offering with you to worship.

There’s more that we’re doing too. The Buda Trail of Lights with a live nativity, the Angel Tree, and more, so keep watching for more details. Are you ready? Let’s do this!!!

As we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. I’m especially thankful this year for our growth and impact and the many changed lives we’re seeing at The Connection Church. Whether through our recent Thanksgiving Food Drive or through our upcoming Angel Tree gifts for the children in Hays County with an incarcerated parent, I am blown away by the difference we’re making this year! Thank you to each person who has invested to make all this possible!

At Christmas, we celebrate the greatest gift of all: God so loved the world that He GAVE His only Son! We want to help you keep Christ at the center of your Christmas celebration. When we give gifts this year, let’s prayerfully consider what we’ll offer the birthday boy Himself, Jesus Christ. He deserves our greatest gift!

That’s why we’re having our annual Christmas Presence Offering. God has called us to be His hands and feet both here and around the world.

This year’s offering will be used to build a well for clean, safe drinking water to those in a poverty-stricken country through Living Water International. When we give the gift of a well, we’re giving life, health, and a tangible expression of God’s love to a village of over 250 people!

Other receipts from this year’s offering will be invested in positioning The Connection Church to continue shining out the light to Central Texas in 2011.

Here’s what we’re asking everyone to do:

  • Pray and ask God what He would have you give “over and above” your regular tithes and offerings. We can’t all give the same amount, but we can all do something.
  • Bring your “over and above” offerings with you during the month of December as we celebrate His blessings or give online here.

I thank God for using us to save lives through The Connection Church. I can’t wait to see what God will do as we give back to Him because of all He’s given to us this year!