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100% FREE for your kids (Kinder-5th Grade)

June 20-23, 2016


At Mega Sports Camp kids connect with other kids, caring adults, and most importantly, God. We’ll have Flag Football, Karate, Cheerleading, Basketball, Kickball, Soccer, Dance, and Volleyball. But Mega Sports Camp is not just sports – it’s also jam packed with music, snacks, and exciting teaching about good character.

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Required Medical Consent and Release of Liability

I, the undersigned parent/guardian, grant permission for my son/daughter (the minor child(ren) listed above) to attend Mega Sports Camp at The Connection Church. I understand that there is always a possibility that my child(ren) may sustain physical illness or injury while participating in camp activities. I agree to hold all of the below listed organizations/entities, and individuals or personnel associated with these organizations, harmless from any and all liability, claims and demands which arise or may hereafter arise from above named minor’s involvement in any activity supervised by The Connection Church or Mega Sports Camp.

Organization/Entity Listing: The Connection Church (TCC); Mega Sports Camp (MSC); BUDA BLUE HOLDINGS GP INC.; Buda Blue Holdings LP; Ampersand Art Supply.

I hereby authorize TCC/MSC personnel to make medical decisions which may be necessary in an emergency and, in my absence, for the wellbeing of the minor(s) listed above. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me if my child needs medical treatment. If it is impossible to do so, I give my permission to any TCC/MSC personnel to secure proper treatment; to transport, to hospitalize, order injections, anesthetize, x-ray or authorize surgery for the above said minor(s)

I authorize any duly licensed doctor, hospital or other medical facility to treat the below said minor(s) for the purpose of attempting to treat or relieve any injuries received by above said minor while in the care of the TCC/MSC personnel. I authorize any licensed physician to perform any procedure which he/she deems advisable in attempting to treat or relieve any injuries or related unhealthy condition above said minor(s) may encounter during any necessary operation. I further acknowledge and understand that I will be responsible for any medical bills/expenses relating to medical treatment provided.

I acknowledge and understand that my child will be responsible for his/her behavior and that failure to abide by the rules and regulations of MSC may result in removal from the remainder of the camp.

I hereby consent to and authorize TCC/MSC to use my child’s image and likeness in photo or video materials relating to Mega Sports Camp for promotional or informational purposes.

For purposes of this release form and acceptance of the above terms, I agree that my typed name and acknowledgement of this online form constitute the same legal status as my handwritten signature.

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