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Fresh Start

101 – Membership Class

201 – Spiritual Growth

301 – Your SHAPE

There are many people starting a relationship with God at The Connection Church. [more] Are you ready to take the next step towards getting connected? If you want to find out more about what The Connection Church is all about, we’ve designed a class just for you. [more]

At The Connection Church, we have a goal of becoming the most spiritually mature church in the state of Texas. Contrary to popular belief, spiritual maturity is far more than merely having Bible knowledge. It’s a way of life! [more]

God didn’t design church ministry for a select few with seminary degrees. The Connection Church, every member is a minister. That’s what CONNECTION 301 is all about. [more]

The Connection Church addresses the financial struggle that people are facing by providing tools and training on how to best handle the resources that God has put into our hands. On this page, you’ll find resources, articles, and other helps to make wise decisions with your money. [more]