Why do we have a Special Christmas Offering?

As part of God’s plan to grow the faith of the people in His church, He calls us to sacrificial giving from time to time. This Christmas Offering is an opportunity for us to grow in our faith and to prepare us for what God wants to do through our church in 2017. This offering is not because we are behind on budget, but rather to position us to make a greater impact in our community, in our church and around the world in 2017.

What’s the Difference Between the Regular Offering and this Christmas Offering?

The regular Connection Church offering is the proportional amount (the full tithe of 10%) that we set apart and bring throughout the year. From time to time there are opportunities to give in a sacrificial way. This Offering is one of those sacrificial occasions that stretch us to grow in our faith. The Christmas Offering should be over and above what you regularly give.

How Much Should I Give?

Please prayerfully consider a sacrificial gift that will stretch your faith. The precise amount you give is between you and God. We like to think of it as bringing our best gift to Jesus for Christmas. You might think of your most expensive gift to another person and match that with this offering. Some may be able to do even more than that. The issue is not equal giving, but equal sacrifice. What amount can you give that will stretch your faith?

When Should I Give?

The best time to give will be the BIG DAY on December 18th. Please pray about making your best gift on that day. However, you can continue to give until January 31, 2017. Please use THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS envelope or include a note designating that your gift is for the Christmas Offering.

Can I Give Online Via Bank Check or Through Auto-Debit?

Yes. When you give at via online giving, simply select The Heart of Christmas Offering from the list of giving options. Or you can use your bank online payment option to send a check directly to the church office. Simply mark in the memo area that your gift is for the THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS Offering.

Can I Give In-Kind Gifts of Stocks or Bonds?

Of course! Since The Connection Church is a 501c3 organization, there can be tremendous tax benefits for you by giving in-kind gifts. For information on this type of giving, simply contact Lauren Simcik at or 512.295.1740.

Are My Gifts Tax-Deductible?

All gifts to The Connection Church, whether through the regular offering or this Christmas Offering, are completely tax-deductible. Your gift will be deductible in the tax year given (i.e., gifts given in 2016 will be deductible on your 2016 taxes).

Please be sure to include your name and address when you give so that a receipt can be sent to you for your tax preparations. You are not required to utilize a tax deduction for your gift, but it is available for all gifts.

How Will I Know How Much We Received?

Please pray for God’s guidance as we all give sacrificially. You will be updated on our giving progress through The Link weekly email updates and during our Sunday services. Reaching this goal will be a celebration of what we can do together as we stretch our faith under God’s leadership.

Have additional questions? Please contact Lauren Simcik in The Connection Church office at or call 512.295.1740

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:19–20