The Bible Part 2

This week, we'll continue talking about The Bible. Remember, that last week we touched on revelation, inspiration, and illumination. This week, we'll go in-depth on illumination. Our definition of illumination is as follows: The Holy Spirit's work of bringing light to the words of the Bible as we read them. Illumination is the means by which we understand the Bible.

"Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures." Luke 24:45

There are four things necessary for illumination. Let's take a quick look at them right now.

1. Love God's Word Deeply.
Illumination starts with God; He's the one who turns the light on. But, I'm never going to see that light if I don't value the Bible enough to pick it up and read it--to search out its truth.

2. Understand God's Word Spiritually.
The author of the Bible is always available for explanation because as Christians, that author, the Holy Spirit, is always with you! He can reveal truth and insight of scripture to you.

3. Handle God's Word Accurately.
We can't twist the Bible to say anything and everything we want. Instead, we have to read the Bible for what it is actually trying to tell us. As we study this week, we will review rules for Bible Study.

4. Study God's Word Diligently.
The payoff for studying God's Word doesn't always come immediately. Instead, it sometimes comes over time. Don't worry though, because there is ALWAYS payoff promised for studying God's Word.

The continued goal of this week's study is this: not only that each of us would have a new love for and commitment to the Bible's answers for our lives but also that we would be able to share that love for God's Word with others.

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