God Part 1

Close your eyes and bring to mind your picture of God. Do you see an ancient long in beard, robe and tooth? Is it the picture of someone who doesn't understand modern things like nuclear physics, computers, lasers, sort of a grandfatherly type who's there when you need him? Do you see pure light, or a king on a throne, or thunder and lightning? In order to see a better picture of God, it's good to start with thinking about how you picture him now.

As we look at God's existence, we need to remember three key truths:
1. God is real.
2. God is revealed.
3. God is relational.

In this study we're going to look at these three truths about God. At first glance they may seem simple, but there's nothing simple about God. These truths form the basis for filling in a picture of who God is and how he works in our lives.

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